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How Copywriting has increased my sales???

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Copywriting is a process of writing your sales in words. Writing a sales is more easier than doing a  cold call. I have Heard from Many People that Marketing and sales is only done  by creating a Cold call and you can convert it only by face to face meeting.

But By the Process of copywriting You can get sales and also improve the reputation of your brand. I can tell you my case study

 This is a process due to which my leads increased by 350%. 

I have made few thousands by Copywriting just in my very first attempt and I found it very Effective to grow my business. 

4 Years Ago When I was doing Email marketing  I was just sending emails with just simply a banner and the product Link at that time I was getting 11 Emails Open per 100 Emails sent. 

I was getting 2 to 3 leads hardly at that time but no sales 2 or 3 sales per 1000 leads was the result. I know that its the worst result but yes, this is true..

Then i Started learning about the ways to increase the leads then i came to know bout the terminology “COPYWRITING”. 

I started Learning and Writing sales copy. My sales percent started improving and by the end of 2016 I started getting more engagement and leads.

When I wrote my First copy I found that my email opening rate improved and i was getting 7 leads per 100 Emails after that.

Day by day It Improved and now the number has reached over 15 leads per 100 email and where I am able to convert 3 to 4 sales per 100 emails sent.

Now, I m Writing Sales copy for many firms/ companies to grow their sales. The conversion rates which our client gets is way more than what they were getting. 

You also can grow your business by increasing sales by writing good sales copy you can do it by learning from this blog for that you must Join us for free. Or You can hire me to write for you.