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Do You Want me to write for you?

Are you an entrepreneur, a seller, influencer, blogger, affiliate etc. The copywriting is the most primary skill in the “”to-do” checklist.

If you do not have such checklist make one and add Copywriting on the top of this checklist. If you have a checklist bit have not added this to the to do list. I invoke you to avoid this blunder. Add copywriting to your to do skill list at the top.

As now competition is going up the traditional and even non traditional ways have been very common and you can do better only after you stand unique and more skilled. Be in the group them who understands the development curve and has ability to adapt according to that.

Here we are going breakdown the concept of Copywriting.

See It What DAN LOK Says:-

“Copywriting is persuasion in print, and it can be extremely effective for selling your product or service if you know how to do it.”

What Is CopyWriting?

Copywriting is the method of writing a copy or content to get a lead or sales. It is also locally called sales copy. But it is not just a sales copy. But it has a lot more scope.

People thinks that copywriting just means to generate a sales. But the spectrum is quite broader than the people’s misconceptions.

Copywriting helps directly or indirectly to create your brand reputation.

For example if you write good copies or content you will find that if it has good content and it is interesting then people find it helpful and share it throughout the web through social media. Or if they find it interesting that post engage them and help you and your brand to improve your brand reputation in the eye of google.

And you know that if google picks any brand as having good reputation in their eye it help the brand to grow their reputation in people’s eye too.

If you are able to arrest the visitors on your site for long time this means the visitors are liking your content.

This engagement due to the content can help you get their email address by putting an option to subscribe to your website. Now here comes in place “The Email Marketing”.

Now you are free to market the visitors when you launch your product or you want to sell anything.

How to retarget the visitors.

You can target them in various ways for you can read this


So, now I can assume that you have understood the main core concepts of what Copywriting is?

What is good kind of copywriting?

This question basically ask that what type of copywriting is considered as good Copywriting.

Basically in general the copies which is SEO Friendly i.e. consists maximum related keyword or consist engaging and interesting content which anchor the reader for long time.

You will get more information by going through the following posts

How to write SEO Friendly content?

How to choose good title for any blog post?

You can consider any copy a good copywriting only if it convert.

There is also a parameter which depends on types of products. For Example, To sell high ticket value Product 3-4 conversion per 100 visits or emails is considered as good copywriting.

How copywriting is going to affect your Business?

The Copywriting is going to be the most effective way of marketing in upcoming days.

Have you ever thought about the top affiliates how they are making. Hundreds of thousands every month from this way.

If you don’t believe that how can an affiliate makes over millions every year.

You can go to the blog listed below


There are many examples like this who makes millions just by the way of Copywriting. Read these Article to understand all the spectrum of Copywriting.

How Prollinko can help you grow your Business with Copywriting?

Prolinko can help you get more sales from The copywriting. The copywriting can bee used to promote your website through Email Marketing.

Also Content Marketing is very efficient and best way to promote the business. Prolinko can help you with Content Marketing.

Prolinko can create a Loop Marketing with the help of Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Copywriting and SEO  Technique.

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How to write good sales copy?

To write a copy you have to understand the Product and its All features and Benefits.

If you want to write a good sales copy you also have to understand the Customer and their Requirements.

For example:-

You can not sell comb to a person without hair, you also can not sell womens dress to a boy.

These are the example which i am providing to make you understand the value of the target Audience.

Means you want to sell the Sport shoe then you have to target sports person, plyers, and youngesters. And may be few more categories.

Similarly, if you want to sell yoga suits then you can basically target all the category. But it will be great if in starting you can target it location wise. You have to target the people near to parks, and yoga training centers.

Yoga suit has the most broad category. You can approach any one. Everyone can do yoga anywhere. But even there are some filters in that too.

As the categories are determined the copy will be more converting. As broader the categories become the conversion goes down. It will be better if you can write a customized copies for each and every categories.

Also you can improve your sales by doing A/B comparison.

The Key Formula of any Copywriting is to understand the Audience and write according to them.

You have to understand their needs,

Also have to understand their basic searches,

Or have to see the budget they are used to for that type of product.

And many more more researches are done based on the customer.

This is the basics of writing the good sales copy

How much copywriter earn?

Basically there is no any limit for this. Some of the copywriter is making over $300k+ every year. But this is for experienced ones. I personally know one copywriter he has just started 3 month ago on the freelancing Platform and right now in just 3 month he is making more than $4000+ every month.


Now he has left the job and is a full time Freelancer from last month. So now i hope you are aware that how copywriters are making money by just doing Part time.


If i will take  Examples there are many who is making a good handsome amount


Many content writer and sales copywriter are now making few thousands of dollars every month.

How to learn copywriting?

There are few ways how you can learn copywriting.


You can be regular to ProLinko and here can learn great ways and effective way of copywriting.

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This is free way to learn Copywriting. You can also join our Paid Way. Here you have to Pay some fees and you will get few Template and these template is mainly for learning and Analysis Purpose.


You have to choose the type of theme. There are various template for all type of category and all type of pitch.

You can use those template as your copy by just changing your basic Info. Also, you can analyse each copy and  find out how to write this type of sales copy. There are vast paid copies present on this site so you can check it there.


Take any course

This is the other way to learn the copywriting that you must take a genuine good course. Prolinko is launching the course you can pre book now

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The Other way to learn is self experience. In this you will write Use on your business and learn from the mistakes this is also free but this is  very time taking better you can learn by joinning us.

How to write good sales copy?

To write a copy you have to understand the Product and its