7 Biggest Blunders That Copywriters make

7 Biggest Blunders That Copywriters make

You know? Writing is an art. And when you write a sales copy its a bigger Art.

A copywriters has to keep many things in mind

Do You Write? of course, Everyone does. so when you write you need to follow a mood definitely I will give you an example. But before that let’s understand it differently.

Mood of Copywriters While Writing Sales Copy

While reading you will find that you can not read anything anytime without thinking. when you are in Stressed you wouldn’t prefer any book to read or if anyway else you choose any book, Well I am sure it is a book related to entertainment like travel magazine, or any jokes collection.

So, I hope you guys have now understood the concept of mood in studying. Now understanding the mood of writing.

Suppose you are at any party, luckily one of the people approached you to write a Sales copy for his business would you be able to write? definitely not.

So, Mood is the most factor while writing.

If you are a writer then you must know what are the needs while writing anything.
As I am a Sales Copy Writer and I know the condition of the reader it becomes easy to write.
you must be thinking and willing to say that “why man why you are saying this to me? you have given a different title and you are talking on another topic.
I would say that whatever we have discussed earlier will help you understand many points inside the Article as well.
I Will share with you 7 mistakes copywriters make So that you can avoid making these mistake and do well.

1. Same Old and Repeated Copy for Everyone

This is the biggest blunders which every copywriter do that they write the same sales copy for Everyone.

There are tons of hundreds of frames and examples of copywriting projects on the internet the copywriter use those frameworks and every time does the same type of modification in that and gives it to their Clients.

No! I do not have a problem with Using frameworks available on Internet. Of course, that thing is availed for the Copywriters there To use and to learn.

Then what is the Problem? you will Ask me. The Problem Is

You Are Given those thing so as to get Inspired from it Not to reuse It Again and again with the same Wordings. This will lead your Sales Drop Down and because of this Blunders your Client will never be back to you.

How to Avoid these mistakes?

Take the full details from the Prospects so that you can provide them the best Probable results.

Like If They will say that Hey Vidya Bhushan I have Launched a Product Named XYZ For my Audience and it has these benefits and Features.

You have to keep in mind the word like he said for his Audience. If you are not Sure you make a confirmation by asking them that hey Prospects Do you want to sale it to the Email list? or Do you have List of Audience?

If they have already the list of Audience then the sales copy will be Quite easy and you have to write according to that.

But, If they don’t have any Audience they want you to Write for generally Everyone or any category which you don’t know belongs to that niche or not. the sales copy will be different from the Previously Written copy.

But this is the Mistake Writers does is they give same Copy in both the Cases and This is what I am Telling About.

2. Not doing A/B testing

A/B Testing is the Way to Find Out The Most Converting sales Copy.

What is A/B Testing?

Creating More than One Sales copy and compare them with each other to find out that which sales copy is Performing Better and we are continuing with the copies which is more successful than other copy.

Suppose for Example, If you have written 2 Sales copy and tested its Opening rate (in case of Email) and by doing its testing the result came Out to be 22 opening for the Sales copy 1 and 18 Opening for the Other Copy.

Then Definitely I will go with the First Copy because it is giving me more Engagement than the Other one By sending same Number of Emails.

In case of Landing page check for the conversion, which one is giving you the more Leads. The Bigger Number will give you right choice which you are going to carry on in future.

A/B testing will help you grow your Possible Conversion Rate.

This is the most biggest Mistakes which Many writers do is this thing.

Must write Minimum 2 and Maximum 3 copies to Do A/B Testing.

I have done with 3 Copies with my Email Listing. with tremendous results. I found that the result which the first copy was provided was good.

But then I wrote 2 more copies and applied and done A/B testing and the result was grown up by 50%+ means I was getting 23.46 opening per 100 Email but Now I started getting 36.14 per 100 emails and this is a good way to convert more leads in the same amount spent o the Emails.

Please don’t Ignore this Method for good result. Yes i know this needs more Efforts but it pays you even better results.

3. Writing the fake title.

Regularly I see that When I get Marketing Emails or Also Even In landing Pages There is Issue With the Title. Those Title seems like it Is a Fake title

For a weight lose product i see that they write like

“Reduce weight in 1 week “

“lose weight in Just 30 Minutes”

If the Product is Fairness cream. Titles be like-

“Get the Total Fairness in just 5 Minutes”

If the Product is financial insurance and loan, The titles be like-

“Your Loan Has been approved”

Also Titles like “Your Account Is credited with $300,000”

or “Your Account 856428XXXX has been created”

“Charge Deducted from Your Account 621486XXXX”

There are Hundreds of Such Examples. The year will end but the Examples are not going to end.

Everyone now understand that this is a Promotional Email and they dont even Open it so Put some genuine Words and do Mature writing to get more sales.

Avoid Making this type of Title and Mark the Words by great Author, Businesss Coach, Dan Lok. He says

People Hate Being Sold.


Don’t sell to the People. So write the copy such that the People can Connect themselves from it. If they anyhow concludes that you are selling a Product to him/her Make sure they are not going to buy your Product.

So, don’t sell them Instead help them to find the Best Product. Keep this In Mind While Writing.

4. Use of Photos

The Images Used In Copy Should always be very Descriptive in nature. Means the Images can really define that about what the copies are going to talk about. Its Height shouldn’t be too much. Infographics Works good in this case of Landing Page.

Don’t Pick random Image from Internet. Make Some Graphics to Use in the sales copy.

5. Size of font

Size and Color of the Font really matters. You are most aware of the Use of Color. You will find many Article on color psychology. That How Brands are using Colors to Win Your Trust and others.

But I am Going to talk about the Size of the Font to Use. You should not use fancy type of texts. The Use of Fanciness Means Less Professionalism.

Use Simple Decent Letters (Font) family like “Times New Roman”, “Callibri” “Roboto” Etc.

Now coming to the font Size you must not be using Small Fonts. Always Use Font Size Between 14 to 18 which is visible easily.

Always Put Breaks in Between the Paragraphs. Don’t write the Bigger Paragraphs in one go. Break the Paragraphs hardly after Every 2-3 Sentences.

Always Use Easy and Understandable Words.

Put Dark and Bold Effect wherever you want to Emphasize. Or you also can also Underline the words you want to get noticed.

Always Use Subheadings to distribute the Contents. Write more descriptive and Interesting Content.

6. Call to action

This is the most Biggest Mistakes the Copywriters Do. They Forget About Putting Call to Action Button.

According to a Study, the Content With Call to Action Has 37% More Converting rates. Means If you Put the Call to Action you have a bigger chances to get lead conversion.

This Mistake is Very Silly in nature but Very Important from sales Point of View. So you Must Use Call To Action Button Throughout your content. Don’t Use Too much and don’t even use too less. It should be Distributed Throughly.

7. LSI keyword

Every one Is Writing SEO Friendly Sales Copy but you know they miss the very Important and Easy Way to write The copy.

The Use Of LSI ( Latent Semantic Indexing ) Keywords are most Easy and Powerful key to writing an SEO friendly Content.

What is LSI Keyword?

LSI keyword is the Keyword Which is Similar or Close Enough to your Keyword which is also Searched On Internet.

Where do i Find it?

It Is free to find. When you search your Keyword The google search engines start showing you recommendation. Or after Search result when you scroll your SERP ( search engine results page ) to bottom you will find a term “People also searched for” and there you will find the different type of Keywords Use that Keyword that is LSI keyword.

How to Use LSI Keywords

While Writing Use the LSI Keyword to make your Content More SEO friendly. Sprinkle the Keywords All Over the Content.


The Above I have Discussed About 7 Mistakes but By Avoiding this you can get great results. Apply these today.

What do you you think I have Missed Anything? Please write in comments section Below Your Comments are Appreciated and if that will be really Missed y Us we will Include that. Please comment with your Best Thoughts.

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